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Countdown to Métis Fest 2024!!

Peter Hansen

President of McMurray Métis Local 1935

On behalf of McMurray Métis Local 1935, I am excited to share our history, culture, and traditions with you, as well as information on upcoming events and the latest news. If you’re in the neighbourhood, drop by our Local for a visit! Everyone is welcome.

– President Hansen

We Believe In...

  • The National definition of Métis
  • Continuing to build our foundation for future generations
  • Fairness and respect for all people
  • The need to work in unity and harmony while also keeping the interests of the Métis people in the forefront
  • Métis participation in building our Nation
  • Encouraging and assisting Métis people to achieve their goals
  • Métis self-government
  • Our Métis Rights as recognized and affirmed in Sections 25 & 35 of the Canadian Constitution
  • Honesty, integrity and professionalism
  • Standing firm on our Rights, heritage and culture
  • Responsible land use and harvesting
  • Celebrating the unique natural resources that the Métis of Northeastern Alberta are blessed with and utilizing those resources to benefit the community
  • The collective good of all Métis people
  • Truth & Reconciliation
  • United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples
McMurray Métis Local 1953

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