Gail Gallupe Bio

Gail Gallupe Bio

Gail Gallupe


Gail was born in Calgary and raised in the Peace River district on her family’s homestead. Gail became involved with the Métis Nation of Alberta in the 1990s and has remained an active volunteer. She has two daughters and four grandchildren and is a proud great-grandmother.

Gail is an accomplished secretary and has worked as an Educational Assistant for 14 years. Her Métis heritage dates back to the 1700s on her mother’s side. Gail’s mother, Bertha Clark-Jones, was a treasured mentor and a distinguished Métis leader and Second World War Royal Canadian Air Force Veteran.

She founded the Voice of Alberta’s Native Women Association and later the Native Women’s Association of Canada. She advocated vigorously on behalf of Aboriginal Veterans and education, building a legacy Gail strives to continue today.