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Who we are

The McMurray Métis (Métis Local # 1935) was founded in 1987 and governed under the bylaws of the Métis Nation of Alberta by an elected Local Council, McMurray Métis is accountable to its membership with a mandate to pursue the advancement of the Métis people of Fort McMurray and northeastern Alberta.

The Métis are one of the recognized Aboriginal peoples of Canada under Section 35(2) of the Constitution Act, 1982. The mission of McMurray Métis is to pursue the advancement of the Métis people of Fort McMurray and northeastern Alberta. Achieving this requires the ongoing promotion, pursuit, and defence of the Aboriginal constitutional and other rights.

This occurs through engagement with governments, regulatory agencies, stakeholder organizations, and the courts when necessary.

Here are the three little principles that we live by


We believe in fairness and respect for all people and the need to work in unity and harmony.


We believe in the National definition of Métis and continuing to build our foundation for future generations.


We believe in Métis participation in building our Nation, encouraging and assisting Metis people to achieve their goals.

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