Kelly Myers Bio

Kelly Myers Bio

Kelly Myers

Vice President

Kelly was born and raised in Fort McMurray. Kelly and her husband, Shawn, have four children and four grandchildren which are sixth generation to be born in the region who continue to live and develop deep roots within this community. Upon graduation, Kelly began working in corporate banking, developing a range of skills that allowed her to work with local business creating a strong focus on community investment and developing professional relationships that have continued today.

As a strong Métis woman, Kelly developed a passion for the environment at an early age. Educating herself with Indigenous/Traditional Land Cultures she pursued a career in environment within the Oil sands industry. As her career developed and grew, she coupled her environmental passion with Safety Management. Having a diverse background in Environment and Safety, Oil Industry producers Petro-Canada, Suncor and Syncrude utilized her skills to lead and manage their environmental, health and safety departments, including leading and managing Suncor’s audit and investigation team.

Being a strong Métis leader, Kelly has proven to be a very successful Industry leader with 35 years of experience in Environment, Health and Safety including being an Indigenous leader for the community and region. She volunteers endless hours to her community with a focused passion on her heritage and culture.