Métis Sign Regional Protocol Agreement

Métis Sign Regional Protocol Agreement

A Regional Protocol Agreement has been signed between theMcMurray Métis- Local Council 1935, Willow Lake Métis – Local Council 780, Buffalo Lake Métis – Local Council 2002, Lac La Biche Métis – Local Council 2097, Big Bay / Touchwood Lake Métis – Local Council 1954, Métis Nation of Alberta Region 1 and the Métis Nation of Alberta.  

Fort Chipewyan Métis – Local 125,Conklin Métis – Local 193, Lakeland Métis – Local Council 1909, Owl River Métis- Local Council 1949, Athabasca Landing Métis – Local Council 2010, and Chard Métis – Local Council 218 have all agreed in principle to the Regional Protocol Agreement but are seeking their Board of Directors approval.

The Purpose of this Protocol is to:

  • Protect Métis lands, rights, interests, claims, land use, harvesting practices,traditional knowledge, sacred places and special relationship to the land within the Métis Nation of Alberta Region (MNA) Region 1 Consultation Area;
  • Ensure that the consultation duties the Crown owes to the MNA Region 1 Métis Community are fulfilled in relation to any Projects;
  • Ensure that the MNA Region 1 Métis Community has access to an equitable share of the social and financial benefits of and wealth generated by resource development in the MNA Region 1 Consultation Area;
  • Establish a process mutually agreeable to the Parties that ensures the MNA Region 1 Métis Community is effectively engaged and consulted on Projects;
  • Ensure that the benefits arising through consultation based on collectively-held Métis rights, interest and claims are managed in an accountable, transparent, fair and ethical manner with ultimate accountability to MNA Members as rights-holders;
  • Provide internal and external clarity and certainty in relation to the varying roles of the Provincial Council, Regions and Locals in relation to consultation and mitigation; and
  • Build the capacities of all the Parties in relation to Métis consultation including through collaboration and integration of work, in a manner consistent with the intent of the MNA Statement of Principles.
  • This Agreement ensures that the Métis Nation of Alberta in Northeastern Alberta is represented at the provincial, regional and local levels and guarantees that no Métis will be left behind.
  • The Regional Protocol Agreement is approved by the majority of Locals in Region 1 which includes over 98 percent of the Métis communities’ population. ‍


“It’s only been through the Trudeau and Notley Governments that Métis are finally acknowledged the respect and equal voice that we deserve. Our new Regional Protocol Agreement will ensure that our collective concerns are directly addressed by government sand that we are being heard.”

  • Audrey Poitras, President, Métis Nation of Alberta

“After long contentious negotiations we have found away to move forward. It is our hope and belief that the upcoming Métis Harvesting Policy and Métis Consultation Policy will enable our future generations– our children, grandchildren, great – grandchildren, and those yet unborn – an easier time protecting their rights on their traditional territories.”

  • James Cardinal, President, Métis Nation of Alberta – Region 1

The Elders of the Year were:

Anne Michalko, Bert Golosky and the late Darren Bourque.